O’Neill’s Story

Normally I wouldn’t worry when my dad is overdue from one of his explorations. But tonight my grandmother flew her skimmer alone to the Citadel, the building my father and I live in, and females don’t go anywhere alone on Prism. She came to tell me that my father sent a mayday when his skimmer was losing power over an unexplored crystal field, then his com system died.

My grandfather is leading a search party for my father. If anyone can find him, it’s my grandfather. Probably right now they’re on the way here and laughing together about my grandfather having to rescue my dad. My grandmother is staying here until my male protector returns. She gave me the excuse that she can’t fly home by herself, but she was one of the best fighter pilots in the Corporation War. Dad was the best. Grams looks worried, though she’s trying to smile for my sake, telling me, “Jocko Neill can take care of himself.”

I know that. I’m just going to bed now. He’ll wake me when he gets home. Because he has to come home.  He always comes home to protect me.

If only I could fall asleep…


It’s been ten days. This morning I’m leaving to join the last official day of the search for my father. I’ve been on the rescue and recovery team for every hour of every one of those days.

We found his skimmer, crashed beyond salvageable, and that’s saying a lot here on Prism. But there was no body in the wreckage. No footsteps leading away from it either.

After today, he’ll be declared dead. That cannot happen. I will find him today.

What would I do without my father?

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