The Keep Sphere includes the planets Keep, Agra, Spectra, Mangol, Tyrol and more. This science fiction adventure/romance series boasts space battles, futuristic technology (military and artificial sentience), carefully-drawn societies, interaction with a native sentient race, and romance.

The first three books in the series define Agra and its society through three siblings. Athena WARme, a warrior, has been a pilot during the four-year Agra-Keep war. Apollo’s story begins after the war is over, and he is rebuilding his life after losing his commission as an Agran warrior. In the third book, Athena’s older brother, Aries, is a planetary negotiator who usually mediates difficult disputes between planets. During his R & R trip to a pleasure planet, his simple job to keep a high profile couple from divorce turns out to be anything  but simple.