Athena’s Story

We’ve been fighting the war against Keep for four years now. I’m leaving tonight with my squadron for Stonehenge Point. If we can take the jump point, we may have a shot at winning the war. The betting money offplanet didn’t think we’d hold out this long. We don’t have a choice. If we lose, we’ll end up slaves to the Keepers.

It’s not easy when your homeworld is a farming planet and your enemy controls the tech and industry. During the Keep treachery that started this war, my father and my mother were killed. Somebody’s going to pay. That’s my job.

My younger brother Apollo, Pauly for short, is a warrior like me, only he hadn’t received his specialized training before the war started. He flies too, because our father taught us. He was a warrior. My mother was a Mediator. My older brother, Aries is a Mediator. At least he’s safe on Agra, for now. If we lose, maybe he can negotiate a decent peace settlement. Unlikely with the lying Keepers.

The jump claxon is sounding. I’ve got to get into my safety harness.

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