PRISM is a young adult science fiction adventure series with romantic elements. In a future with a new capacity for colonizing planets by transportation via cryo-ships, the mega-corporations of Earth began a war with the governments. After a global civil war, the corporations won, exiling the military and political leaders to Prism, a planet with no resources at the edge of the frontier, to build their own society. Hoping to doom the settlements, the corporate leaders included the worst of Earth’s psychopaths.

Twenty-five years later, the prison planet supplies most of Earth’s fuel—translithium crystals the corporations didn’t know were on the planet. The three groups of prisoner settlers maintain a fragile existence on the planet because all efforts to grow food have failed. There are no animals on the planet. Even with jump drive capability, it takes three months to get to Prism from Earth. Without the twice-a-year supply ship, everyone of Prism will die. The discovery of translithium has guaranteed food and supplies. For now.

But the leaders on Prism know that the Earth corporations won’t maintain the status quo for long. They have been preparing for an inevitable showdown since they landed. Without technology and resources, they will have to fight smarter, and dirtier, than the Earthers.

The three disparate groups of first-gen original prisoners and their second-gen children use their knowledge and their planet to their advantage when the Earthers arrive to enslave them, intending to force them to work to death in the translithium mines.