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Welcome to the future worlds of Fae Rowen. Here, you'll learn more about the Keep Sphere and its planets, as well as the characters in Keeping Athena. If you're interested in details about how the disaster on The Ship changed the lives of everyone on board and their descendants, read the blog for information not in the book.

In her newest future history, PRISM, Fae shares life on the convict world Prism. Characters blog about their reactions to what is happening on their planet, and you will get some juicy details about the lives of O'Neill's friends and family. PRISM is the first book of the trilogy about uncovering and righting the deceit and treachery that continues twenty-five years after the prisoners were exiled from Earth.

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O’Neill’s Story

March 20th, 2014

Normally I wouldn’t worry when my dad is overdue from one of his explorations. But tonight my grandmother flew her skimmer alone to the Citadel, the building my father and I live in, and females don’t go anywhere alone on Prism. She came to tell me that my father sent a mayday when his skimmer was losing power over an unexplored crystal field, then his com system died. (more…)