After losing a global war to Earth’s megacorporations, the heads of the governments and their military leaders, along with Earth’s worst psychopaths, were exiled to Prism, a barren planet, three months away by faster-than-light engines. For twenty-five years the prisoners have scratched out a precarious life, dependent on the largess of the corporations and their scant supply shipments.

Seventeen-year-old O’Neill likes her life on Prism just as it is, earning her credits as a pilot. Everyone, including O’Neill, believes she’ll eventually marry Cal Reagan, her best friend. After her father’s disappearance, she decides to fight in the Battle, a military-style athletic competition, to try to win her independence. But change is coming. More change than she can handle alone.

Jericho Montgomery, heir to the wealthiest corporation on Earth, arrives on Prism to negotiate a shipping contract. If he doesn’t secure the deal, his father will relegate him to the fashion and entertainment divisions. Jericho is determined to deliver a winning proposal to secure both his future in space trade and his father’s respect.
O’Neill is assigned as Jericho’s pilot and bodyguard during his stay on Prism. She dislikes Earthers and their peculiar notions about what is valuable. But what she learns from Jericho challenges everything she believes about Earth, Prism’s past, and her future.

While Jericho helps O’Neill train for the Battle, he discovers hidden facts and inconsistencies that conflict with his beliefs about the convict society—along with a secret that could destroy his future on Earth. Can they work together to unravel lies on both planets to win the respect Jericho craves and the independence O’Neill needs?

About Keeping Athena 

When an Agran warrior fighting against Keep, crashes her single-seater craft on an asteroid behind enemy lines, its sole inhabitant saves her life. Drake, the man Athena WARMe believes is a space bum, is in reality the leader of Keep.
Amid danger and secrets, attraction boils over. They both know that their growing love makes them traitors to their worlds and places the other in jeopardy.

Athena allowed her emotion to override her reason before, with disastrous results. Now she fears it’s happening again. When Drake tells her he is a mercenary pilot for her enemy, she tries to find passage to leave Keep but worries that, back in the war, she might have to destroy Drake’s ship.

Drake begins to doubt the fabric of his culture. Mutinous acts, including assassination attempts on his life, force him into hiding on his homeworld. Not only is his own life in danger, but if Athena’s identity is discovered she’ll be tortured. He fears that with Keep’s superior military power, Athena will die if the war continues and she returns to her planet.

Can their love survive the lies they’ve told? Can they join forces to end the conflict between their worlds?


Coming Soon, the follow-up book to Keeping Athena, Contracting Joy.